Lighthouse Blood Drive

One question I hear often from people in response to donating blood is, “How much of a difference would my blood donation really make? I’m just one person.” While hosting a mobile blood drive recently at Lighthouse Property Management, I learned that the need for blood is great! On any given day, an average of 40,000 units of donated blood are used in the U.S. and Canada. Blood transfusions are needed for trauma victims and surgery procedures as well as treatments for cancer and other diseases. But did you know that a unit of whole blood can help save three lives?

I think the most common hesitation to donating blood, other than the whole ‘needle thing,’ is time. Today, people are just too busy to donate blood. But SunCoast makes it easy: the entire process takes only 45 minutes to one hour, and that’s such a small price to pay to be able to save lives! Plus, with bloodmobiles available in so many convenient locations, it’s easy to find a donation center close-by!

And let’s talk about the whole ‘needle thing.’ I have to say that I’m a little squeamish when it comes to needles, so it’s nice to know there are other ways people like me can help out: Of course monetary donations are helpful, but anyone can assist at a blood drive or organize a mobile blood drive-like I did. It’s really easy! Just call 1-866-97-BLOOD, and SunCoast will do all of the work! Many thanks to the Lighthouse employees and everyone else who participated in the blood drive today!

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