30 Year Anniversary!

This year we are honored to celebrate our 30 years of business! As we look forward to what 2020 has in store, we are also reminded of the many valued relationships that have made the last three decades a success.

Established in 1990

At Lighthouse Property Management our mission is to offer proactive full-service association management solutions through a team approach, that serve your association’s budgetary demands, financial requirements, current and future maintenance needs.

Four Locations to Serve You:

Phone: 941.460.5560

Sarasota / Osprey Office

Venice Office

Longboat Office

Executive Office

The Lighthouse Way

At Lighthouse Property Management our core values are: Community Integrity, Stewardship, Guidance, Trust, and Teamwork. Click here to learn more.

Team Management Plan

A successful management company will have a proactive business plan. We are the only management company who provides each association with a full-service management team. It’s a turnkey operation that gives your Association the support you deserve. Click here to learn more.

Customized Websites for Your Association

Stay connected with Lighthouse Property Management's customized websites! Click here to learn more!

Voted the 2018 Reader's Choice Award for "Best of the Best"

We are honored to have been chosen "Best of the Best" in Management Companies by the Florida Community Association Journal! We are so proud to represent our Associations with the highest level of customer care and we want to thank each and every one of our clients who voted for us! It is a pleasure to serve you!



Osprey Association Board Member


Personalized Service

Your association receives a team of professionals, who work closely with the Board of Directors to achieve the goals of the association. We believe your home is your investment, so our Management Teams are held to the highest of standards, in order to optimize your property’s value.

Comprehensive Management

A successful management company will have a proactive business plan. We are the only local management company who provides each Association with a full-service management team. Each portfolio manager has an assistant and your association will have its own AR/AP person.

Customer Service

When you call our office you will be directed to the correct department immediately! Customer Support is our number one priority. We have a 24-hour policy to return phone calls. Our staff is trained to answer emails and phone calls in a professional and timely manner.

Vendor Relations

When you’ve been in this industry as long as we have, you develop relationships with the best attorneys, C.P.A.’s, Engineers, Architects, Security Companies & Insurance Professionals; we know who you can trust. We can provide your association with our economies of scale, so that you receive the best possible rates for necessary services. 

HOA/Condo/Co-op Expertise

We understand the complexities of managing HOAs, Condominiums & Co-Ops; from the share of amenities, & beautiful common areas to structural soundness & security of your association. All our CAMs are licensed by the state of Florida. We offer continuing education courses to stay up to date with the changing state statutes. Board members are welcome to attend, if interested.

Complete Transparency

Our accounting team provides comprehensive financial services of the highest quality. The financial stability of your Association is one of our highest priorities. Our experienced staff of accountants, bookkeepers, A/P-A/R Department, and Collections Manager are all equipped with an expert level of professionalism. We utilize a meticulous Checks & Balance System, with complete transparency, so that you can be assured your fiscal matters are secure.


At Lighthouse Property Management, we take a better approach to management than the rest.

Our founder and we pioneered the Full-Service TEAM Management Plan, which delivers the most comprehensive and personalized management solutions. We know that your association is your home, so it is our goal to care for your property as though it were our home too.

With over 30 years of experience, we have achieved a wealth of knowledge and partnered with the most reputable Association professionals in this area. Whether your Association needs are financial, insurance, environmental, engineering, security or all of the above, Lighthouse offers the professional advice you need.

Being that we are the largest Association management company that was born in this area, our reputation proves that we are dedicated professionals who care about our clients. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your current management plan.

We want to take the burden of Association management off of your shoulders, so that you can get your life back!


Team Management. Our Team of professionals take property management to the next level, and this is how we achieve that goal. This turnkey management plan is a time tested operation, selected by more Associations everyday. It's a full service management plan that is unsurpassed in this industry today!

Full-Time Portfolio Manager will:

  • Oversee Association Employees
  • Manage no more than 12 properties
  • Meet with your board representative once a week
  • Have his/her own administrative assistant
  • Meet with your vendors, onsite, once a month
  • Complete a monthly manager's report
  • Complete a thorough compliance report each month

Each Association:

  • Is assigned an Accounts Payable/Receivable Manager
  • Has access to our Full-time Human Resources, Information Technology Professional, Collections, and Marketing staff

Lighthouse Property Management:

  • Manages over 125+ properties from Charlotte to Manatee County
  • Reputation is one you can trust

New ManagementIn 3 Easy Steps

With over 30 years of experience in the Property Management Industry, Lighthouse has the process to manage your Association down to a science! It’s a recipe for success based on three simple steps:

Step 1

Call us today or fill out our online request for management form. Within 24 hours, we will schedule an appointment to meet your Board of Directors. We will bring all the information about Lighthouse you need. We will also gather information about your Association, and customize a proposal that fits your needs precisely.

Step 2

Once you make the decision to hire Lighthouse, we hit the ground running immediately! We will assign a management team to your Association, collect the records, send a welcome letter to your members, prepare a list of preferred vendors, and review your documents in order to develop a comprehensive business plan.

Step 3

Finally, your Lighthouse team (General Manager, Manager, Administrative Assistant, Accountant, IT & Marketing professionals) meets with you to get your Association organized, to ensure a smooth transition for new management. We give your Association the white glove treatment because we are thankful for the opportunity to serve you!


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