2015-2016 House Committee Structure and Membership

by / Tuesday, 09 December 2014 / Published in House Bill Updates

The House Speaker has just completed his House Committee Structure and Membership (attached). What is contained in this document, that was not part of previous updates to you, is the completed Membership of all 2015-16 House Committees. The Senate has already completed its Committee Structure, Chairs and Membership.

From the 120 House Members and literally dozens of committees in the House of Representatives, here’s what you need to know for 2015:


  •   Rep. Kathleen Passidomo (R-Collier County) is the Chair of this subcommittee, which you may recall in 2014 was the same subcommittee which conducted a Workshop then initiated our CAM legislation (House Bill 7037). Rep. Passidomo’s predecessor was Rep. Larry Metz.
  •   Rep. Passidomo’s distinction in 2014 was providing a needed legislative remedy to harmful legal liability language that had been initially adopted in House Bill 7037 before final passage.
  •   She had also indicated potentially wanting to address cost and fee issues in 2015 for CAM’s and lawyers in the form of some type of fee cap that would apply both to lawyers and CAM’s in the course of their services to homeowners, namely estoppels and collection work. This is anecdotal from last Session when we were negotiating passage of House Bill 7037. Something to keep an eye on in light of recent actions by RPPTL.
  •   Rep. Mike Hill (R- Escambia, Santa Rosa Counties) is the Vice Chair of this Committee. Rep. Hill you may recall was the sponsor of the other, more controversial CAM bill that was more directly aimed at reining in the power of the Bar as it relates to UPL, how UPL is defined and who can define it. That bill ultimately did not pass but significantly aided our efforts to pass House Bill 7037.


  •   Rep. Charles McBurney (R-Duval County) is the Chair of this Committee (Rep. Dennis Baxley was his predecessor).
  •   Rep. McBurney supported House Bill 7037 last year and spoke in favor of a remedy (in committee) for the controversial legal liability issue that had initially been adopted in House Bill 7037.
  •   Rep. Kathleen Passidomo is the Vice Chair of this Committee.
  •   This is the ‘parent’ committee of the House Civil Justice Subcommittee.


  •   This Committee and its subcommittees have addressed some of the less controversial, ‘clean-up’ condo bills in the past. Issues addressed by this Committee are largely confined to local government but can also address Association issues.
  •   Rep. Dennis Baxley (R-Marion County) is the Chair of this Committee (Rep. Eddy Gonzalez was his predecessor).
  •   Rep. Debbie Mayfield (R- Indian River, St. Lucie Counties) is the Vice Chair of this Committee and she has had experience with common interest ownership issues, though not always in agreement with our point of view.


  •   This subcommittee typically is the home to a variety of issues in the past related to Associations, CAM’s and their scope of practice.
  •   Rep. Halsey Beshears (R-Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jefferson, Lafayette, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor and Wakulla Counties) is the Chair of this subcommittee. His predecessor was Rep. Debbie Mayfield.
  •   Rep. Larry Ahern (R-Pinellas County) is the Vice Chair of this subcommittee.


  •   This is the ‘parent’ Committee of the aforementioned Business and Professions Subcommittee and has addressed a variety of issues in the past related to Associations, CAM’s and their scope of practice.
  •   Rep. Jose Felix (R-Miami-Dade County) is the Chair of this Committee.
  •   Rep. Mike Larosa (R- Osceola, Polk Counties) is the Vice Chair of this Committee. Rep. LaRosa has sponsored Association bills in the past and is very familiar with the issues involved with common interest ownership.


  •   This is the Committee through which any bills might go prior to reaching the House Floor, if they were determined to have a fiscal impact. It isn’t clear just yet if this will be a committee we will need to focus on. However, the significance of this committee is its Chair, Rep. Larry Metz. Rep. Metz was responsible for our House Bill 7037 in his capacity as the former Chair of the House Civic Justice Subcommittee in 2014.
  •   He can be of assistance to us this year as well should we need him.