by / Wednesday, 30 July 2014 / Published in Articles

Politician or Board Member?  Unfortunately, if you’re a Board Member for your Association, you know the two go hand in hand!  You have been elected to perform your fiduciary responsibility on behalf of your Association.  Simple, right?  Most assuredly you have now discovered your ideas and procedures differ from at least one of the homeowners your represent and much like our current government, gridlock ensues!  But don’t worry, you’re not alone!  There are some practical ways to prepare for these political battles that other Board members have shared with me over the years.

  1. Listen & Repeat.  Most people just want to be heard.  Listen to members’ viewpoints.  Repeat back to them what they have said, word for word.  This will validate them and thus they will be more inclined to hear your side.
  2. Do your homework.  Do the research and come to the board meetings prepared for every possible challenge.  This will avoid the opportunity for members to make you look stupid.
  3. Keep it professional.  You know these members; they’re your neighbors.  But this is business, so you need to run your board meetings accordingly.  Hold the reigns, and stick to the agenda, so when things start to get out of hand, you can firmly bring conversations back in line.
  4. Remind them of the good ole days.  Always include prior successful projects in your presentations.  This reminds disgruntled members that you have proven them wrong before, and they can trust your judgment.
  5. Hire a reputable manager.  Don’t go it alone!  Partnering with a seasoned property manager can offer you the professional support & experience needed to get things done right.