5 Key Questions to ask your Management Company:

by / Wednesday, 09 July 2014 / Published in Articles

Looking for Professional Management for your Condo or HOA? 5 quick questions you need answers to:


  1.  How many portfolios does each manager oversee at a time?

The vast majority of Management Companies has no limits to the amount of properties each manager will oversee. Choose a company who maintains property limits, so that your manager has the time to spend on your needs.

  1.  Who handles the maintenance operations when the manager is on vacation?

Typically, one manager is assigned to each property; so if he is on vacation when your pipes burst and flood several units, you’re on your own! You need a back-up plan! Look for a Management Company who gives you ‘two for the price of one’, along with a team of professionals who know you and your property well; so that you are covered at all times!

  1. How many times will the manager visit the property?

A manager can’t foresee problematic maintenance issue without visiting your community on a weekly basis. Choose a Management Company who provides a contract that promises weekly, on-site visitations. You want a proactive approach to management, not someone who chases fires!

  1.  What are the duties of the property manager?

A full-service Management Company should provide you with a licensed C.A.M., whose sole responsibility is to focus on the individual needs of your Association. Make sure you choose a firm that provides a strategic business plan, a proactive maintenance program and 24 hour access to your manager.

  1. What experience do you have?

A Management Company with decades of expertise is crucial in your decision making process! Choose a local company, with a list of qualified professionals you can trust: whether your needs are accounting, preventative maintenance, engineering, human resources, insurance or security.